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Teenagers in Park

Become a
Sparkze Ambassador!

Light the way with a fiery attitude!

✨Are you ready to add some Sparkze to your life? Join our Ambassador program and help illuminate your city! Spread the Sparkze mission and build a community through all aspects of your life while inciting our core values: honesty, inclusivity, and genuineness. At Sparkze, we're designed for REAL connections, REAL conversations, and REAL people. Help us bring socializing back to the basics through live-video games!

Who are our Ambassadors?

🔥 Fire Starters

You're self-motivated and ambitious. You're ready to chase your goals and be a compelling spokesperson for Sparkze. You'll have the creative freedom to take charge of opportunities, partnerships, and hosting events. 

🌎 Driven by Community

You're an individual with a following around your community. You can express direct communication in all social settings that promote Sparkze, brings awareness to our "why," and achieves downloads.

🧨 Kindlers

You have the ability to bring people together and educate others on the importance of Sparkze to stir up feelings of excitement. You get it going and are a prime role model to empower your community positively!


How we help YOU!

💰 Paid Program

We take your time seriously! We understand how pivotal your role is and express that through a competitive rate with tons of bonuses. You can make $$$$ per month!

🧑🏻‍🏫 Professional Experience

You will gain skills and relationships that will be valuable to understanding and marketing a brand. You'll learn how to take a company's message and be confident in developing a plan of action in any professional role.


Ready to Spark the Flame?

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