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Pictures & Video Guidelines


Last Updated October 20, 2021

Pornography is not allowed on the Sparkze app, including in public profile pics and videos.


A few more specifics:

  • Please include your face in your profile pic–it’s required.

  • Nudity is prohibited.

  • Be sure we aren’t able to make out your genitals through your clothing (e.g no contour or “tenting”).

  • Underwear pics are okay as long as we can’t make out your genitals.

  • No sex acts or toys, real or mimicked (groping, masturbation, etc).

  • No advertising. Please contact our ad department if you have something to sell.

  • Don’t be overtly suggestive, racist, or bigoted.

  • Please don’t promote unsafe sex.

  • No photos, videos or emoji showing or mentioning firearms, weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia.

  • Pictures and illustrations are protected by copyright laws, so don’t use

  • pictures and illustrations that anyone else created.

  • No photos of anyone under the age of 18. Please keep the community adult-only. For the safety of everyone, please immediately report any underage persons.

  • Don’t impersonate or include photographs of celebrities or anyone else. Be yourself!

  • Please don’t include weblinks. Please note: Any violation of the above guidelines could result in a permanent ban from Sparkze. We reserve the right to remove/crop any photo, video, text and/or other content we perceive to be outside these guidelines and/or any other terms governing the app.

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