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Are you new to Sparkze? 

Use this step-by-step guide to help you spark a connection. 

Sparkze Profile

Step 1

Complete Your Profile

Be the star you are! Add Sparkze to your page and let people learn about YOU.

My Profile > Edit > Complete all sections for the best engagement!

Step 2

Scroll The Feed

Videos and photos of people who match your preferences.  Keep scrolling for more tips on how to create a good video. 

Sparkze Home Feed
Sparkze Messaging

Step 3

Follow & Send Sparkze

Your safety is our priority. Only when you mutually follow or send Sparkze does the Messaging Center open for private communication.

Step 4

Game Shows

Play or watch games to get to know someone before you meet IRL.

Watch this video on YouTube

Sparkze Game_ Truth or Dare
Sparkze iceBreakers

Step 5


We make it easy! With over 100 preset questions, there’s never a dull moment.


What do you want to know about someone?

How to create a good video

Make a good impression

Become Game Show host

Apps to make a your video sizzle

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