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How to Play on Sparkze!

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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is an online game you play with connections you make with other Sparkze users online. 


  • This game requires at least four (4) people to play. 

    • One (1) host and three (3) additional players​

    • The more the merrier! You can have as many as six (6) players at a time. 

  • Hit the "Host Open Game" button and you'll enter the waiting room

    • Others who come to the Game Center will see your game lobby​

  • Users can request to enter and you as the host can accept or deny​

    • Denied users will be able to watch. ​

  • As soon as you have three (3) players, you will see a button that says "start game." 

    • Don't push that button until you have everyone in the game and are ready.

    • Once the "start game" button has been pressed, you will not be able to add players.

  • At that point, the first player will drop to the center and you will move into the hose position.

  • Whoever's turn it is will see two buttons; "Truth" or "Dare"​​

    • Players will physically select either option. ​

  • Once they do, you as the host will receive 3 options. You simply tap on the option you choose. 

    • Swipe down to see more options​

  • The player then sees it and can respond 

  • After 15 seconds, a 'next player' button will appear, don't hit that until the correct player has completed and you're ready. 

    • The game continues for three (3) rounds

  • After three (3) rounds, you as host return to the center and can thank the players and those who watched. 

Sparkze Funniest Moments

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