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Become a
Game Show Host!

Be the STAR you are!

🌟 It's time to grow your fan base on Sparkze! Apply to become a celebrity game show host and radiate Sparkze around your city. We focus our app around creators much like yourself and give you a one-stop shop for content, growth, and worldwide exposure. You will become the face of Sparkze through your exciting and humorous live game shows!

Who are our Hosts?

📢 All Eyes on You

You have a solid foundation of followers whom you can influence through your content. You're an excellent public speaker, witty, self-directed, and highly professional.

🥳 Life of the Party

You love interactive games and socializing with the community. You're wildly entertaining and can direct the energy of any room. You have a passion to bring people together and can leave a smile on their faces!

🚘 Driven and Ambitious

You're ready to GROW! You're confident in your hosting abilities and are always excited to excel and push out of your comfort zone. You're reliable, adventurous, and steadfast!


How we help YOU!

💰 Paid Program

You hold a crucial role as a Sparkze Game Show Host. We take your time seriously and compensate you for EVERY game. You can make up to $$$ PER game which only lasts up to 30 minutes!

🎥 Exposure to the Big Screen

Your game shows are seen by Emmy-nominated producers! You have the opportunity to star in a TV series aired on a nationally-recognized streaming service. 

🤳🏻 Content Creation and Monetization

We provide you with a full copy of your game show in which you are free to monetize on ANY of your social platforms. We make it easy for you to release content on a scheduled basis.


As our user base grows, so will your audience. You will become a pioneer of the app and reach users from all over the world. 

🧑🏻‍🏫 Professional Experience

You will gain skills and relationships that will be valuable to understanding and marketing a brand. You'll learn how to take a company's message and be confident in developing a plan of action in any professional role.


Ready to Spark the Flame?

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