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Let Sparkze fly, LIVE!

Real people, real connections, real fun!


Sparkze is an interactive entertainment platform complete with a built-in production studio, offering everything you need to create Livestream talent/game/dating/talk shows where your followers compete and share in the fun of getting to know you and each other while 1,000’s watch, learn, and laugh.


Featuring Dolby audio/video

Sparkze Screens
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Connect with your followers

sparkze portrait icons young male with phone
sparkze portrait icons young female with phone

Sparkze connections are REAL and have the chance to come to life. There are no more curated and filtered photo feeds and text-only conversations. Our video-first concept provides authentic interactions with real people around you looking to spark something AMAZING!

What Makes Sparkze Unique?

sparkze truth or dare and connection game screen image
sparkze app feed and game screen shots

Ready to have Sparkze fly?

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Download the Sparkze App today!

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